Peace and Quiet in Shenzhen, China

Sean and I went on a date in Hong Kong and are in love with our lives in Shenzhen where it is quiet and peaceful. The Lunar New Year celebrations are under way and it has added a lovely homey feel to our neighborhood. 

Since we have settled into our Shenzhen apartment, we have already gone back to Hong Kong once to celebrate Valentine’s Day. To be honest though, we mostly used Valentine’s Day as an excuse to go see Black Panther in Hong Kong where it was released earlier than other places like the USA. After the movie, which we loved, we had some time to check out the Nan Lian Gardens, get dim sum, and watch the Symphony of Lights whilst getting our boba fix.

Selfie at Nan Lian Gardens in Hong Kong
View of the Nan Lian Gardens
Trees seen at the Nan Lian Gardens: an example of natural fractals
Courtyard inside Nan Lian Gardens
A lot of bonsai in the Nan Lian Gardens
Symphony of Lights in Hong Kong

Besides our visit to Hong Kong we have only left our neighborhood one other time to get into the city of Shenzhen. Unfortunately, it ended up being a pretty uneventful visit since many shops were still closed and there just wasn’t much going on. However, Sean and I ended up spending most of our time talking over warm milk tea with red bean and some baked treats which turned out to be a lovely getaway from our usual workday. I suspect the reason for the lack of activity downtown is the Lunar New Year (Year of the Dog) which kicked off on Feb. 16 with celebrations ending on Mar. 2. Chinese families have been spending time together at home so many shops are closed. Many nights we can hear fireworks and firecrackers and during the day I see a constant flow of families having family-style meals at the seafood restaurant across the street from our apartment. There are also red lanterns and wall hangings on every tree, home and business and red envelopes scattered on the ground. From what I have read online and started to see in the area, shops will be opening back up soon with families’ saying goodbye, returning to everyday life.

A Lunar New Year gift from our host (we got him some fruit and chocolate as well!)
Tons of people listening to local music, fishing, dancing, playing games, and hanging out with family in the nearby park

We’re curious to see how things will change around here as the holidays come to an end. We have loved listening to the birds singing outside our windows in the mornings and taking breaks from work to walk around the nearby park. We’re also happy to have so much delicious food, usually either our own home-cooked meals with tons of veggies, or at our favorite Chinese halal restaurant around the corner with its super fresh noodle dishes for $2 a bowl.

Some delicious soup at the nearby Chinese halal restaurant
All the noodles here are freshly made… yum!

We are slowly starting to see the end of the trip on the horizon and it motivates us to work harder and also appreciate this amazing opportunity to travel even more. We’ll be finalizing some of our last travel plans soon (such as getting our plane ticket home) so we’ll keep you posted as our plans solidify. We may even try to squeeze in an extra little trip if we can so stay tuned 😉

As a bonus here are some photos of the nearby park that Sean and I love walking around on nice days.

I love the lighting here. There are often couples dancing or whole groups working out together.
View of one of the man-made lakes at the park near our apartment, love all the greenery and beautiful bridges and gazebos
View of a lake and gazebo where you can often find kids looking for critters in the water
A close up of some of the blooming water lilies

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  1. Dianne Banner says:



  2. GERARD A STAMM says:

    How gorgeous! And how delicious. Thanks for sharing, but you didn’t have to eat all the soup; you could have shared more of that 😁. You two are the next best thing to being there. Keep us close. Love to you both, Gerard.

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  3. Cara Hayes says:

    I always forget to read your posts until we Skype. I agree with Gerard, that soup looks AMAZING! What a deal for great quality food. I’ve never tasted anything that looks like that in my life, jealous over here. What a treat to be in China during their New Year! Looks like you’ve found a good place to be.

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