Relaxing in Đà Lạt

I can’t believe we’ve already been here for almost two weeks! Time has flown by and we’ve already done so much. Our second destination of the trip was Đà Lạt where we were relieved to get a breath of fresh air after being in Sài Gòn. A majority of our time in Đà Lạt was spent relaxing, exploring the city, and enjoying the mountain views.

Happy to get some fresh air in Đà Lạt

I didn’t realize until we were already in the city that Đà Lạt is known for their flowers and we were visiting just in time for the flower festival. Unfortunately the weather was pretty grey with occasional showers while we were there but we still had plenty of opportunity to walk around and take in the scenery.

Me and Sean at the Đà Lạt Flower Garden

The highlights for me were relaxing with some of the best bubble tea I’ve had and exploring the Crazy House also known as Hằng Nga guesthouse. The Crazy House is unlike any structure I’ve seen and was designed by the Vietnamese architect, Đặng Việt Nga. It was a unique experience weaving in and out of the nature-inspired buildings along narrow paths.

Savoring some boba at Doha Cafe in Đà Lạt
Crazy House in Đà Lạt

Đà Lạt was a welcome getaway after being in the busy city for the previous week. Stay tuned for our next post about Hội An!

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Gerard A Stamm says:

    Love hearing about your adventures! And the photos are priceless. Keep enjoying life, you two.


    1. christina_mcm says:

      Thanks and believe me, we are living out our dreams right now!


  2. Cindy says:

    Flower festival and I’m not there!! I feel like you went to the flower garden and pretended I was walking by your side. You both seem happy and healthy. Keep up the good work.


    1. christina_mcm says:

      I always think of you when I see so many beautiful flowers! You would have loved it there and they even had a whole green house full of roses!


  3. Thanks for the update! That’s so cool your friends have been able to join you two. I love that top you have on in the flower garden. It seems so appropriate for the region your in. #livingthedream


    1. christina_mcm says:

      We loved having the chance to travel with friends! And thanks, I got that just before leaving the states 😉


  4. Cara Hayes says:

    I like this crazy house place – was the furniture funky too? It honestly seems to be like the Barcelona of Vietnam because of a fairly Gaudi-like architecture, but this seems even more bizarre and a bit haunted. Why did the architect want to make a house like that? Did anyone ever live in it?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. christina_mcm says:

      Good eye, the architect actually was inspired by Gaudi when she designed this unique structure! From what I’ve read, Nga designed the Crazy House with the surrounding natural area in mind. It started as a personal project and then opened up to tourists as a way to fund the continued building and renovation of it. If I ever visit Da Lat again, I will be sure to try and stay there for at least a night since it’s actually pretty affordable and each room is unique, based on a different animal, representing different countries. We only got glimpses of the rooms but they are just as wild as the outside and furnished with hand crafted pieces true to the style of the rest of the building.


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