How you get there is half the fun

It was a little over a year and half ago that Sean and I made our way across the country from our hometown, Asheville, NC to Seattle, WA, a place we have grown to love. However, by the end of this month, we will be making our way back to Asheville to see family and prepare for our biggest move yet, to China. Much like how we came here, we will be driving back to Asheville. Before I delve into those plans though, I wanted to share with you some of the moments of our journey here.

In January, 2016 Sean, our friend Hannah, and I drove together across the country, making many stops along the way. Rather than take a direct route, we made our way south and then up the east coast. The first stop we made was in New Orleans, LA where we visited with some of Sean’s family, listened to jazz, and ate beignets.


Our next stop was Austin, TX where we spent some time exploring the city, eating tex-mex, and letting Hannah recover from sickness (sorry Hannah!).


After driving through Texas (sorry but driving there is the worst!), we made our way through New Mexico and Arizona where every landscape was majestic. Our original plan was to go to the Grand Canyon but we got snowed out and didn’t want to risk getting stuck considering Hannah’s old clunker we were driving. That being said, the detour allowed us to visit one of the most uniquely beautiful places I’ve ever been: Saguaro National Park in Tucson, AZ. Driving for hours on end can be a drag but this park gave us all a much needed boost of energy and we were all smiles.


Next stop was Joshua Tree National Park, another phenomenal park with a distinct landscape.


After reveling in all the natural beauty, we continued our journey up the east coast through California where we made a stop in Big Sur and visited with some family.


As we got closer to Seattle, we got a bit anxious for the ending of our trip and to settle into our new homes. We all had an amazing time and were happy to check a lifelong dream off the bucket list. Sean and I are excited for our next road trip where we’ll take a northern route with my aunt, Tracy so stay posted!

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