Vietnam Trip Itinerary

For those of you that don’t know, Sean and I, along with two close friends of ours, are going to be in Vietnam for about two weeks in late November. For me and Sean, this will be the first stop on our journey through Asia where we plan to live for an indefinite amount of time. Needless to say, we are psyched about this trip of a lifetime and have slowly started the planning process. We have decided to keep our plan very flexible but have a basic itinerary that will give us guidance on our trip. Below is an image of our itinerary as of right now. There is a good chance that we will deviate from this plan but I feel like this is a good start.


Sean and I fly into Ho Chi Minh City on November 17th and will meet our friends, David and Derick, on the 20th in the same city. Sean and I would love to take a day trip somewhere around here since we want to save the main events in the city for when David and Derick join us.

Jethuynh | National Geographic

After a few days in Ho Chi Minh City we will probably take a bus to Mui Ne. Mui Ne is known for its dunes and beaches which look amazing. I honestly had no idea Vietnam had so much variety in terrain.

Det-anan |

From Mui Ne we will take another bus to Dalat where I’ve heard the weather is perfect and the architecture beautiful.


We’ll probably fly from Dalat to Da Nang where the boys will get suited up on the cheap and we’ll spend some time in the city.


Up next is the old city of Hue, rich in historical sites and temples.

Tomb of Khai Dinh emperor, Hue, Vietnam.

Next we will take some time outdoors at the Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. If we’re lucky, we’ll spend a night in one of the famous caves in this park.

Kevin Boutwell | Lonely Planet

We’ll probably take another plane to Ha Long Bay for some quality beach time.

Halong Bay legend.jpg

Lastly, we’ll bus to Hanoi, capital of Vietnam.

Jimmy Tran |

We plan to stay at Airbnbs and hostels throughout the trip and of course, eat a ton of delicious foods. We are totally up for suggestions too so please feel free to comment below if you’ve ever been to Vietnam or even if you’ve just heard of something that you think we should check out. Also, I should note that while David and Derick will be heading back home from Hanoi on Dec. 3rd, Sean and I bought a one way ticket to Vietnam and haven’t exactly figured out how we’re getting to anywhere else. 

Thanks for reading and we’ll keep you posted on our plans as things continue to develop.

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