You have to start somewhere…

Christina and I have wanted to start a blog for a long time. Back in 2012 we did just that, but we didn’t keep up with it for very long.  I don’t remember the reason why we stopped, but it almost certainly had to with the challenge of being creative. Being filled with ideas, I used to think that it was easy to create and build something. The problems come up when you go to put pen to paper, code to compiler, brush to canvas, or pick to strings. You realize that your thoughts are incomplete, lack depth, and are not detailed enough to bring the idea to fruition. I’ve given up many times at this stage, stating that I don’t yet have the skills to continue or that the idea needs more time to ferment into an actual project. Other times I have just not been as interested in solving the problem as I thought. Often, it seems it is more enjoyable to think about solutions than to implement them.

But really, you just have to start. Challenge yourself to complete the thoughts, build your idea, get the skills by doing. After some effort and time, the feedback gained from the project should be even more motivating than the original idea. You’ll start to see that you can solve the problem and your creation will evolve as the issues become more understood.

So that is what this blog is, a start. It isn’t clear if this blog will have a theme or any focus at all. It will likely be a reflection of our life experiences and will hopefully be a canvas for us to challenge ourselves to stay creative.

To give you a better idea of where this blog might go, let me tell you where Christina and I are headed. First, we will leave our beautiful Pacific Northwest home of Seattle after the expectedly delightful summer to return to our hometown, Asheville. We want to spend sufficient time with family before embarking on a journey to Asia. In November we plan on flying to Vietnam with a one-way ticket. The plans from there get a bit hazy, but we know that we would like to stay at least two weeks travelling from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. Eventually we will make our way to China where we would like to actually use our Mandarin that we are struggling to keep up with and should be studying daily.

I have become infatuated with the idea of becoming a digital nomad and to start a business that would allow me to travel wherever and whenever I want. Christina and I will be going on this trip either way but hopefully can build enough skills along the way to sell and keep our dream alive. We could wait to go to Asia until we already have a business setup with a few years experience, but you have to start somewhere…


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  1. GERARD STAMM, Sr says:

    I get misty eyed when I think of y’all going so far away. It’s like two of my dandelion seeds–and I don’t have too many of them–blown to the wind in hopes of finding fertile ground to take root and to grow abundantly. But, of course, the analogy is wanting because you have no intention of taking root in your young lives. Your growing takes the form of traveling and experiencing this exotic and diverse world. Nomads are free; they roam. Stay free as long as you can.

    I like the idea of a blog. Selfishly, it is a way for me to track your roaming and experience the world vicariously through you. However, continue the blog only if it enhances your creativity. It sounds like a great way to commit yourselves to a rich life.

    Love and luck to Christina and Sean! And, as always, may the Force be with you.


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